Second Student Dormitory and Dining Complex

To fulfill the needs of students moving to the Zhiben campus from the 2014-2015 academic year, this university raised NT$447,200,000 to build the 300-room Second Student Dormitory. These include eight two-person barrier-free rooms and an additional 42 two-person rooms. The remainders are four-person rooms. This dormitory can accommodate 1,100 students. On the north side is a dining complex with a capacity of 350 persons. It includes convenience store, buffet-style restaurant, cafe and stationery and book stores. It is connected to the dining complex of the First Student Dormitory to provide adequate capacity for all students. The Second Student Dormitory was designed and its construction was monitored by Liu Mu-Hsien Architect Associates. It includes one story below ground and five stories above ground and has a total floor area of 17,310 square meters. This building meets gold standards for nine green building indicators including CO2 consumption index, water conservation, daily energy savings, reduction of carbon footprint, reduction of waste, indoor environment, water resources, sewage and waste management reform and biodiversity. Hot water is provided by a pump connected to solar energy panels. The pump system is the main system, but is supplemented by solar power to allow for a stable supply of hot water. In this way, both energy savings and stable supply of hot water are taken into consideration. In addition, central monitoring allows for effective management of electricity use. To sum up, this is an energy saving smart building. 


Student Dormitory

(Zhiben Campus)

Dining Complex



First Student Dormitory and Dining Complex

The First Student Dormitory and Dining Complex was constructed based on BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) methods by Cheng An Construction and Development Company, Ltd. Construction cost was NT$390 million. This dormitory consists of five stories with 1,238 beds. There are four-person, two-person and one-person suites. Amenities include broadband Internet access, air conditioning and furniture. The dining complex comprises eateries, including breakfast shop, and billiards hall. 

Dining Complex     Student Dormitory



For students who want to find a place to live off-campus, please feel free to consult our military education and campus security center subordinated to office of student affairs.