Campus Life


NTTU students are more than just students — they are athletes, volunteers, writers, artists and innovators. The Office of Student Affairs supports all NTTU students through a variety of programs and events. Find out more:

  • Academic and Art Clubs: Zheng Zither Club, Theater and Drama Club, Music Club, Photography Club, Go Game Club, Nature Conservation Club, Band and Orchestra, Sign Language Club, Astronomy Club, Tea Arts Club, ACG Club, Culture and Literature Creation Club, and CEO Financial Strategy Club, etc.
  • Community Service Clubs: Rover Scout Club, Buddhist Compassion Relief Club, Naruwan Youth Club, NTTU Volunteer and Local Community Service Club, Youth Health Embassador Club, etc.
  • Recreations and Sports Clubs: NTTU Dance Club, Mountaineering Club, Chinese Martial Arts Club, Kendo Club, Billiards Club, etc.
  • Social Clubs: Overseas Chinese Students Association, Foreign Students Association, Yi-Lan Students Association, etc.
  • Students Organizations: Student Council, NTTU Graduates' Association, Male Students Dorm Association, Female Students Dorm Association, and Student Association of each departments, etc.